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Test Instructions for ePath Campus
By clicking "BEGIN TEST", you will be asked questions in this test.

There are five kinds of questions:

1) Multiple Choice - Please pick one answer only.
2) Multiple Answer - Please check all of the correct answers
3) Matching - Please match the terms on the left with a definition or example from the right
4) Short answer - Please type a one or two word answer
5) Essay - Please type a detailed answer using your own words.

You can skip a question simply by clicking "Next" without answering that question. You can click "Test Index" to see a listing of answered and unanswered questions. Click a question to view any unanswered question, or click "SUBMIT TEST" when you are ready.

You will see one or more questions at a time. You may go to the next or previous group of questions by clicking "Next" or "Previous", respectively.

When you have completed the test, click "Next" and you will be brought to the "Test Index" page. On that page, click on "SUBMIT TEST". Your test will then be scored and you will see the results.